UV Inkjet Large Format

The Océ flatbed inkjet printer uses piezo printing technology and UV curable inks to produce outdoor-durable output. It can print directly onto rigid and flexible substrates up to 62 inches wide by 120 inches long by 2 inches thick. The Océ Arizona T220UV holds substrates stationary while the print head assembly moves across to create the print, eliminating image skew problems associated with rigid stock feed systems. It can print full bleeds, saving time and labor costs in finishing. With four print heads per color, the Océ Arizona T220UV can produce prints at a production speed of up to 170 square feet per hour. It includes our unique Océ ColorBlendTM super-CMYK technology, for an apparent resolution of 600 dpi. The Océ Arizona T220UV uses UV curable pigmented inks, and can print directly onto a variety of uncoated rigid or flexible substrates such as foam-core style mounting board, PVC sheets, styrene, aluminumplastic composites and vinyl. Or experiment with other substrates to produce unique applications.

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UV Inkjet Large Format

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